Alf thinks Len let the cat out of the bag. Ken turns down a dinner invite from the Barretts without asking Janet as he doesn't like Jill Barrett. Rita feels bad for landing Len in hot water tells the residents to ask Douglas Wormold when they try to get more from her. Ken suggests Annie contacts the brewery to see if they know anything. Annie realises that Betty is upset with something. An indifferent Len tells his critics that the wheels are turning and there's damn all they can do about it. The managing director of Newton & Ridley assures Annie that there are no plans for the area. Annie reads a telegram for Betty - a birthday message from Cyril. The regulars sing happy 21st birthday to Betty when she jokes that she's sick of saying she's twenty-one. Alf refuses to shed any light on the rumours, telling the residents to ask their own councillor. Ken prepares No.11 for the twins' arrival. Peter and Susan don't get into Bessie Street School but are accepted into Regent's Road. Emily organises an informal meeting about the redevelopment at the centre and asks Len to attend. He considers it a waste of time and absents himself. Emily, Hilda, Stan, Ken, Betty (representing Annie), Ray, Minnie and Ena (representing Minnie) attend the meeting. They think Maggie knew something as she cancelled her modernisation plans. Janet rings Jill to tell her that she and Ken will go to theirs for dinner and asks her to send her a brochure for the boarding school. Minnie suggests the residents form an Action Group. They decide to hold a public meeting and invite people from neighbouring streets. They intend to get Len to come clean and face his responsibilities.


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