Maggie has gone to Mr Porter's and taken Betty home. A doctor has advised her that Betty's behaviour isn't out of the ordinary and she just needs time. Rita goes down with the flu, leaving Lucille on her own at the Kabin. Emily helps Hilda write a letter of condolence. Maggie finds it hard to cope with Betty. She's still confused and distant. Maggie decides she won't let her attend the funeral. Ray gives Hilda a letter for Stan from the town hall which was delivered to No.9 by mistake. The mourners gather at Betty's house. Billy annoys Ray by getting Deirdre to do a spot of relief work behind the bar during her lunch hour from the yard. The Bishops worry that no one wants the caretaking job at the Community Centre. Stan's letter tells the Ogdens that the council is still considering his application for the post of caretaker. Hilda puts a stamp on the condolence letter even though Len is delivering it to Betty in person. Sgt Daniels encourages Maggie not to have Betty live with her, knowing from personal experience that it can damage relationships. Maggie tells him he's preaching to the converted. The mourners are surprised when she appears, ready for the funeral.


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