Betty, Maggie, Alf, Len, Bet, Ernie, Emily, Sgt Bert Daniels and Mr Porter bury Cyril. Hilda is thrilled that she and Stan might be caretakers of the Community Centre. Stan says he didn't tell her in case it fell through. Gertie Robson helps Billy out at the pub whilst waiting to see the Bishops for the caretaker's job. Gertie recognises Stan from Fatties Anonymous, when she called there to pick up her sister. He buys her a drink when she tells him that they could do with more men like him and asks if he's married! Maggie wishes Len well on his engagement. Mr Porter asks Maggie to look through Cyril's things at the office as he doesn't want to add to Betty's sadness by asking her. Emily visits the Ogdens to ask Hilda to clean the Community Centre until they find a caretaker. Hilda gleefully gets Stan to inform her that they're being considered for the position. Emily is stunned although Hilda feels deflated when Emily says that the consideration letter is a standard response - the next step is a shortlist. Maggie worries about the price she'll have to pay in helping Betty. Betty packs her bags and moves in with her at the shop. Ernie tells Emily the Ogdens have been shortlisted.


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