Episode 1372
Production code P694/372
ITV transmission date 11th March 1974 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Lal Sands
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Bill Gilmour
Producer Eric Prytherch
Previous episode 6th March 1974
Next episode 13th March 1974


The Ogdens prepare for their interviews as caretakers at the Community Centre. Annie tells Betty she's under no pressure to return to the Rovers. Ernie thinks the committee ought to be impartial over the Ogdens but everyone else disagrees. Stan does the Bishops' windows for free to get on their good side. Annie is pleased when caretaker candidate Gertie Robson talks up Billy and the Rovers, and asks her to apply at the Rovers if she's unsuccessful at the centre. Chairman Mr Rodgers, Alf, Emily, Ernie and Vera Hopkins interview Stan. He is lucky with the questions and impresses the panel due to owning property. Betty tells Maggie she can't go home and is going to sell the house. Interviewing Hilda, Emily reads out Annie's tongue-in-cheek reference:

“Since Mrs Ogden joined my staff, her conduct has been all I have come to expect of her. Her spirit of co-operation is out of the ordinary. Her attendance and her application to work are consistent with her other aptitudes. Her interest in other people is unique to herself, and I can unreservedly recommend her for any post requiring involvement in the affairs of the people around her. Should Mrs Ogden be successful in obtaining another post, I cannot say how sorry I shall be to lose her, but I can say in truth that Mrs Ogden will leave a gap at the Rovers Return which I am quite sure no one else will be able to fill.”


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