Episode 1373
Production code P694/373
ITV transmission date 13th March 1974 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Bill Gilmour
Producer Eric Prytherch
Previous episode 11th March 1974
Next episode 18th March 1974


Deirdre enjoys the way Ray and Billy battle for her affections. Vera and Mr Rogers have decided they want the Ogdens for Community Centre caretakers. The Bishops and Alf count on Gertie Robson. Bet tries to get Betty to return to the Rovers for Maggie's sake, but Betty is enjoying working at the shop. The committee are swung to Gertie's favour because she needs the accommodation. Cyril's executor, Sgt Bert Daniels, works out Betty's money: £14 a week for six months, then £10.89. His policies just come to £859. She does have the house but Bert tells her it'll be a waste of money if she moves. Hilda hands in her notice at the Rovers. Emily discovers Ernie's choice of play for RADA - Sand - is pornographic.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


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