Gertie Robson starts work at the Community Centre. The Ogdens are disappointed they didn't get the job and Stan feels the Bishops have sabotaged it. Emily warns Gertie that her assistant is hard to get on with. The residents are amazed at Sand. Emily is very against it while most of the men are in favour. A depressed Hilda asks to return to the Rovers on the strength of Annie's glowing reference and is re-hired. Albert is annoyed at the Bishops for not consulting him before hiring Gertie, and decides he's not going to like her but she wins him over by buying him a drink. Lucille flaunts her boyfriend Danny Burrows around. Ken tells Albert that Peter and Susan won't be living with them. Albert thinks it's Janet's doing. Emily exposes Sand's author - Shelley Summers - as a seventeen-year old income tax clerk, Margery Birtwhistle, who's copied the works of Delaney, O'Brien and Lawrence and made up the play. They realise they can't put it on as they'd be a laughing stock. In its place a victorious Emily suggests The Importance of Being Earnest. Rita gets suspicious when Danny mentions shopping for two and gets Lucille to admit that they're living together.


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Albert Tatlock: “Do you know who this new woman is?”
Hilda Ogden: “All I know is it's not me.”
Albert Tatlock: “Oh well, that's summat to be thankful for.”

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