Ken goes to Glasgow to fetch Peter and Susan. Albert is pleased when Janet tells him as he was resigned to sending them their birthday presents by post. Edith Tatlock can't see Janet as a stepmother. With Ken, Annie and Bet unavailable, rehearsals for The Importance of Being Earnest go ahead with a skeleton crew. Ernie makes Emily the prompter. Rita is cast as Miss Prism. Ernie doesn't like Rita's send up of Miss Prism and she walks out, branding the whole thing a farce. To get through the rehearsal, the actors have to play multiple roles. A peeved Len plays Bet's part. Billy think Danny Burrows is going out with Lorraine Binks. Lucille tells Billy the truth. Edith tells Ken to ask Peter and Susan if they want to return to Weatherfield.


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Billy Walker: “Whoever had the idea of doing The Importance of Being Earnest with that lot must be round the flaming twist, all them posh accents god knows what they sound like, I reckon we'll have Stan and Hilda dancing Swan Lake for afters.”

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