Lucille decides to stay with Danny Burrows. Annie lets it be known she's going to take on Gertie Robson to replace Betty. Mavis and Jerry bump into each other and make awkward small talk. Minnie tells Gertie that Ena is thinking of going to St. Anne's and sounds relieved at the prospect. Betty goes into the Rovers to get change for Maggie. Bet accidentally puts her foot in it by telling her it's been a morgue in the Rovers while she's been away. At Billy's urging, Lucille tells Annie she's living with Danny. Annie tells her that she's sad but she does understand and invites him to tea. Ernie realises it's his wedding anniversary when Mavis apologises for not sending a card. Emily forgets the anniversary as well. Ernie presents her with a copy of the works of Oscar Wilde. Annie is pleased with how she handled Lucille and doesn't expect her relationship with Danny to last long. Danny doesn't want to meet her. Annie entertains Betty at the Rovers and takes her back on. Emily agrees to be Miss Prism. The regulars cheer them on as they make up. Betty tells Maggie she's got a couple interested in the house - now she's living with Maggie she might as well sell it.


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