Annie feels sorry for Hilda when everyone takes up Gertie's theme of Stan and Mrs Regan and tells her to stand up to them. Betty's buyers drop their price by £500. Maggie is relieved as it's too low for Betty to accept. Annie doesn't approve of Danny's motorcycling. Hilda sees Stan laughing with Gertie but isn't so forgiving herself. Lucille worries that Danny won't want to marry as he had a bad experience with his first wife. Annie visits the bedsit and tells Danny they can live with her when they're married so that they can save for a decent place of their own. Betty goes home and isn't upset by the memories of Cyril, as she expected to be. She decides to move back. Danny finds Annie condescending and tells Lucille he doesn't want to see her again. Ena leaves for St. Anne's. Minnie is relieved at not having to live with her anymore but also sad to see her go. Rita tells Lucille to find out what Danny wants from their relationship.


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Hilda Ogden (about Gertie Robson): "She likes the sound of her own tonsils clacking."

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