Hilda doesn't turn up for work at the Rovers. Ernie was in the Rovers until closing time, peeved that the rehearsals went well once Emily took over. He tells Emily that he didn't mean to resign and walking out was a psychological trick meant to energise the cast. Emily remains in charge but Ernie returns to play his part of Cannon. Danny writes to Billy resigning from the garage. Rita tells him that Lucille has left Danny. An unconcerned Hilda tells Betty she had a lie in. With the dress rehearsal starting, Annie hires a costume from a theatrical costumier in London. Albert gets Emily to ask him to run Front of House for the play, only to respond that he'll think about it. Hilda goes to the doctors without telling Stan. Emily worries that Annie's costume will make everyone else's look bad though that is Annie's intention; the play is about Lady Bracknell and her poor relations. The doctor tells Hilda she's run down and needs to get away from everything. Albert agrees to run Front of House. Hilda needs to be in the sun but the Ogdens have no money. Mavis gets a valuable sugar bowl to use in the play. Annie ruins her dress by sitting on a freshly painted chair.


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