Episode 1388
Production code P694/388
ITV transmission date 6th May 1974 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Kay McManus
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Bill Gilmour
Producer Susi Hush
Previous episode 1st May 1974
Next episode 8th May 1974


Hilda gets a telegram calling her on board her cruise ship cleaning job on 8th May. She is excited despite warnings from the residents about seasickness and snakes. Ken puts the residents' complaints to the warehouse's director, Lionel Portious and company boss, Sir Julius Berlin. He doesn't accept their excuse that work is being done on the loading bay at the other side of the warehouse, and insists that something is done about the lorries as the residents haven't been able to park in their own street. Portious looks into Ken's suggestion of redeploying the company's labour force from their branch in a non-residential estate in the Midlands, which is also having alterations made. Sir Julius is interested in him. Hilda asks Gertie to spy on Stan in her absence. The residents laud Ken for getting something done about the lorries but Janet isn't as impressed. Eric Turner isn't keen on his son and Gertie's nephew Gary Turner being a chef. Gary plans to take a course in catering management when he finishes his A-levels but Eric wants him to be a footballer and tries to push him into a contract with Rovers, to give his wife and himself financial security. He gives Gary the contract to sign. Stan thinks about getting a woman in to cook for him. Hilda lets him know someone will be watching him but doesn't say who.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Hilda Ogden: “Hey, what are you two trying to incinerate?”

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