Hilda joins the Seamen's Union. Stan tries to find out who Hilda has asked to spy on him. Bet prepares for her working holiday at a camp in Morecambe. Gary Turner refuses to decide between football and catering until he gets his degree. Eric Turner tells talent scout Bob Maskell he'll have to tackle Gertie to get at Gary. Annie discovers Hilda got the job using a reference she gave her for the Community Centre position. Albert warns Gary about the scandal mongering should he become a footballer and tells him about David Barlow having to retire after breaking his leg. Gary thanks Albert, saying it's helped him make up his mind. Annie coaches Hilda on etiquette on board ship, advising her to step aside to let a first class passenger past. Maskell tells Gary that if he joins The Rovers, they will pay Gertie thousands of pounds to look after him. Sir Julius Berlin summons Ken to the Warehouse. He finds out the contractors will concentrate on this depot and finish the work early next week, as per his suggestion. Gary decides to sign for Rovers. Gertie tells Gary they don't need the money - he's not to sign. The residents say goodbye to Hilda. Sir Julius offers Ken a job with £1,000 a year more - as Northern Executive Administrative Assistant, with a car.


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