Stan doesn't know what he's going to do for money. He's so preoccupied that he forgets his own birthday, remembering only when Emily delivers a card Hilda left with her. The warehouse's loading bay re-opens, to the residents' relief. Maggie is overworked running the shop by herself. Betty asks Alf to help her get out more. Bet sends the regulars a postcard from Morecambe. After hearing from Emily that the Gazette pays Ernie a retainer, Stan asks Annie for £2 a week while Hilda is away. She agrees as long as he works for it. Ken doesn't know what job security he would have at the warehouse. Alf offers to find out more about Sir Julius Berlin for him. Stan cleans the shop's back room and asks for a retainer. Maggie agrees but takes the money off his slate; he now owes her £1.36. Jerry feels sorry for him and pays him to move some timber in the yard, though Ray tells Stan he'll get his money at the end of the month after it's gone through the books. Wilfred Perkins gets Ken to work late at school so that he can call on Janet. Maggie agrees to let Alf help her out at the shop part-time. On board ship, Hilda starts to relax more, enjoying the sun. Stan's back goes while he's helping Betty shift bottles in the Rovers. Deirdre pays Stan the £2 but Ray takes half as Stan owed him money. Stan can't climb ladders because of his back so Deirdre interests him in taking in two 'businessmen' as lodgers after seeing their ad in the paper. Perkins tells Janet he doesn't want Ken to sell himself for an extra £1,000 and a company car. She is very surprised as Ken hasn't told her about the job offer.


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