Janet tells Ken about Perkins's visit. Janet wants Ken to take the warehouse job but Ken is still undecided. As Stan's agents, Lucille and Deirdre take Tommy Deakin and son-in-law Michael Ryan on at No.13 at £7 a week each. The residents are surprised to see Tommy back in the Street after two years. Alf starts work as Maggie's assistant. Maggie is surprised when he takes the job seriously. Annie is dismissive of Alf's new position, saying he doesn't have a natural aptitude for it. Tommy and Michael pay a fortnight's rent in advance. Ken doesn't know what to do about the job and thinks about how to please Janet. Rita warns him that women don't change after marriage. Deirdre and Lucille get Stan to buy drinks to celebrate renting out the room. He's horrified to find Tommy at No.13 and Dolores in the backyard.


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