Maggie is horrified to hear that Tommy Deakin and his donkey are ensconced next door. Ken has a week to decide whether to take the job at the warehouse. Janet is annoyed by how casual he is about it. Stan discovers Tommy and Michael Ryan have paid in advance for half-board meaning he has to cook for them. Ken finds the warehouse appealing as his work will have material results. Deirdre and Lucille are amused by Alf's idea that they found the men lodgings as they fancy Michael. Janet puts it about that Ken has got a top-level job and brags about "the right wives" going on executive trips with their husbands. Her snobbish attitude aggravates Rita, who wickedly mentions Ken's infatuation with Elaine Perkins. Tommy stores manure in the backyard of No.13 planning to sell it from there. Rita helps Ken see that his influence should be used to help children, not look after factory workers. He writes a letter to Sir Julius turning down the job. Janet knows she can't change his mind and is upset that her opinion doesn't matter to him. Deirdre tells Ray that a woman with a baby was looking for him at the yard. Deirdre and Lucille fall for Michael once he gets rid of the muck. Janet feels that Ken married her on the rebound and realises that their marriage will never work. She packs and leaves him.


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Janet Barlow: "I was only a very poor second, a substitute, a computer wife."

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