Len returns to No.9 early and finds Alison Wright asleep in his bed. Ray takes the sofa and gives Len his bed to keep the peace. Minnie feeds Dolores for Stan. Rita helps Ken by cleaning No.11. Len asks Alison about herself and her history with Ray. He's convinced that Ray is Jonathan Wright's father and wants no part of it. Maggie threatens to report Stan to the Health unless he moves the donkey. Janet returns for some clothes while Ken is at work and bumps into Rita. She knows that Ken is leaving Bessie Street School as his letter of resignation came through her office and is curious why he changed his mind. Jerry likes having Alison around as it's given him a break from cooking. Len works out that Jonathan was born when Ray went off on his own last year. Ken learns from Emily that Janet has been in the Street. Alison views a bedsit but doesn't go for it as it's damp and poky. Minnie accuses Maggie of not having sympathy for animals and takes Dolores in at No.5. Alison pleads with Len to let her stay at No.9 for three more days. He agrees. Rita tells Ken that Janet is returning for more clothes tomorrow and wants to see him.


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