Episode 1397
Production code P694/397
ITV transmission date 5th June 1974 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Susi Hush
Previous episode 3rd June 1974
Next episode 10th June 1974


Jonathan's crying keeps the household up all night. Stan tells Maggie he has moved Dolores. Janet and Ken have lunch together. Minnie can't keep Dolores in her yard anymore as Bobby is jealous. The Barlows realise that if they get back together it will be because they are lonely and that the marriage wouldn't work. Stan stores Dolores in Albert's yard in his absence. Len snaps over the situation and orders Alison and the baby out immediately.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


Notable dialogueEdit

Janet Barlow: "I never fitted in in this street because I never wanted to. I despised round 'ere. The place. The littleness of it, the dinginess, the acceptance that this was all there ever was or ever would be. Streets like this suck you down to their level in time."

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