Ken doesn't know if he wants to see Janet again. Jonathan's crying keeps the household up all night. Len is livid when he's left holding the baby while Jerry makes up a bottle for Jonathan. Stan tells Maggie he has moved Dolores. Hilda sends Stan a postcard, saying she's having a good time. Alison finds a flat she likes and waits to hear from the landlord. Ken finds Janet making lunch at No.11 and agrees to talk things over. Minnie can't keep Dolores in her yard anymore as Bobby is jealous and family comes first. Janet hopes that Ken changed his mind about the warehouse so that she'd return to him. He admits that the motive could have been there subconsciously but it wasn't his intention. They realise that if they got back together it would be because they were lonely and mutually agree that their marriage is over. Len is tired of the overcrowding at No.9. Alison doesn't get the flat as she's too great a risk. Stan stores Dolores in Albert's yard in his absence. Albert calls Emily from Scotland telling her he's returning early. Len snaps over the situation when he's kept up for the second night in a row and orders Alison and the baby out.


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Janet Barlow: "I didn't fit in because I didn't want to fit in. I despised round 'ere."
Rita Littlewood: "You didn't exactly 'ide it."
Janet Barlow: "Oh, not the people. Not all of 'em. The place. The smallness of it, the feeling that this was all there was or ever would be. And there's streets and streets of 'em, Maggie, they suck you down to their level in the end."

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