Episode 1399
Production code P694/399
ITV transmission date 12th June 1974 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Nick Burrell-Davis
Producer Susi Hush
Previous episode 10th June 1974
Next episode 17th June 1974


Rita doesn't believe Alison's story about her rich boyfriend, Harvey Shaw. With Hilda returning, Minnie agrees to take Dolores in if Stan looks after Bobby. Len makes enquiries about Harvey Shaw, pretending to be a mate. He gets Harvey's phone number and tells him he can come down any time he wants a good hiding. Albert asks Ken to move back into No.1 but he chooses to remain at No.11 by himself. Maggie gets worried with Alf in the shop. Harvey Shaw turns up, ready to fight Len. He thaws when Len makes it clear he just wants Alison and Jonathan out of his girlfriend's flat. Albert keeps getting at Ken about Janet, demanding to know why they've split. He thinks they didn't try hard enough. Ken tells him he's sick of his interference and calls him a stupid old devil. Harvey gives Ray £20 for Alison. She returns the money to him and collapses into his arms. As the couple depart, Harvey thanks the residents for bringing them together and hopes he never sees them again. Minnie hears from Maggie that the Health Inspectors are still about and puts Dolores back in the Ogdens' yard. Hilda returns to Manchester.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • The three boys who admire Harvey Shaw's car are uncredited, even though two of them have dialogue.
  • The end credits are played over a scene of the empty railway track just after Hilda Ogden's train has passed by on its way to Manchester.
  • TV Times synopsis: Happy ending for Alison, bad lookout for Stan
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,177,000 homes (5th place).
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