Bet returns from the Morecambe holiday camp and finds that no one has been taken on to replace her behind the bar of the Rovers in her absence. Maggie tells Alf she doesn't want him putting money in the shop as he doesn't know anything about the business. Ron Cooke returns to Weatherfield but he's only passing through on business. Rita tells him that Maggie is still around and that Alf is after her. Albert tells Stan that Dolores is back in his yard. Stan tells Health Inspector Tom Meeker that Dolores is in Blackpool giving rides but Meeker insists on checking himself in the yard. Hilda arrives home from working her cruise as Meeker finds Dolores still at No.13 and also as a policeman arrives and issues a summons to Stan for the drink-driving offence. Maggie is pleased to hear that Ron is back in the area; she always felt guilty about how she treated him. Annie returns from Derby and takes Bet back on but on the same salary as before and without the raise that Bet requests. Hilda shows off by ordering a Planter's Punch cocktail to try and catch Annie out. Annie easily makes the drink but charges 98p for that and a pint for Stan, reminding Hilda that the ship was duty-free and the Rovers isn't.


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  • The train carriage was a studio set. Chroma key was used in the scene to insert footage of the view from the windows.
  • TV Times synopsis: Hilda returns from the sea - to find chaos at home.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,431,000 homes (3rd place).
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