Alf tells Betty about his proposal. She is delighted. Bet is told and spreads the news. Hilda plans to spend her money on doing up the house. Emily is surprised to be paid promptly for developing her cruise photographs. Maggie is uncomfortable when Betty offers her congratulations. Len and Ken do their best to avoid seeing Hilda's photographs. Rita realises that Maggie isn't really interested in Alf's proposal now that she has Ron Cooke in her life. Len and Ray tell Stan to get a solicitor and Ray gives him Mervyn Traynor's name. They tell him that he has little chance of legal aid. Rita "accidentally" tells Ron about Alf's proposal. Hilda tells Stan that if he goes to jail she'll happily go back working on the cruise ships. Ron tells Maggie and Alf that he's got the job in Zaire and flies there in two days. Alf is pleased. Ron promises to send her his address. Stan goes to see Traynor and tells him his case. Ken returns and Albert refuses his offer of a drink. At the airport Ron has second thoughts and returns. Traynor agrees that Stan's case is a challenge and says that his fees could be next to nothing. He agrees to meet Hilda to allay her fears. Maggie is thrilled to see Ron return. He tells her that he always promised himself that if could give up the booze he would call back for her. She agrees to go with him to Zaire.


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