Len gets Alf to name his source regarding Rita and Jimmy - Jerry, via Mavis. Len admits he'd have thumped any other man who told him that. Ray makes sure that Tricia takes the hint by making a date with Deirdre and asking her to be romantic with him when Tricia is around. Jerry encourages Len to overlook Rita's affair as he always plays away when he's on council trips. Annie is offended when Granny hints that she blames her for people talking about Ray and Tricia and reminds her that shops are more prone to gossip than public houses. Tricia is mortified when Deirdre tells her that Idris warned Ray off her. She accuses Idris of making a fool of her and, guessing who put Idris up to it, threatens to leave and live with Vera unless Granny stops interfering. Idris makes her realise it was for the best. Len doesn't pick Rita up because of Jimmy and gives her a hard time. Rita decides not to go on holiday with him and tells him to go on his own until he's blown off steam. After turning 65, Annie decides not to mark any more birthdays. Tricia tries to face Ray in the Rovers but when the moment comes she bottles it and runs out. Rita takes her ring off and goes away with Jimmy for the weekend.


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