Episode 1419
Episode 1419
Production code P694/419
ITV transmission date 21st August 1974 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Kay McManus
Designer Knowles Bentley (Uncredited)
Director Bill Gilmour
Producer Leslie Duxbury
Previous episode 19th August 1974
Next episode 26th August 1974


Blanche thinks Billy is good for Deirdre. Annie questions Billy's motives in taking Deirdre home. Edward tells Ken that Sir Julius Berlin doesn't like unionisation. He asks shop steward Peggy Barton not to push for it although he tells her he admires her principles. Mavis has a new hair-do and does herself up but feels embarrassed when she walks into the Rovers to show off her new look and leaves when she is stared at. Peggy tries to make the girls see that Ken is not on their side but Sir Julius's. Rita gives Mavis beauty tips. Jerry asks Mavis out but she thinks he just feels sorry for her. Peggy agrees to Ken seeing a delegation of the girls before they strike for union recognition. Billy takes Deirdre to a disco. Deirdre asks him to keep their relationship a secret. Alf, Ken, Ray and Idris have a late-night poker game. Alf warns Ken that Peggy is notorious for causing trouble at factories and is very successful at getting unions recognised.


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