Stan has dropped the cycling idea but Hilda wants to give it a try as it'll help him lose weight. Stan challenges her to ride a bike up and down the street without falling off. Ray jokes that Billy is a cradle snatcher and is warned by Billy about spreading rumours. Billy offers Stan a tandem for £10. Ken meets with Peggy alone as a last ditch attempt to stop the girls from striking. He suggests a solution which she agrees to if he can clear it with Sir Julius. Ray starts jeering at Deirdre over Billy in the Rovers. Peggy agrees to resign in exchange for the girls getting a union, as per Ken's idea. Stan buys the tandem and wheels it over to No.13, to Bet and Alf's amusement and Hilda's horror. Bet goes for a ride with Stan to prove the tandem's worth to Hilda but Stan gets tired after one trip around the block. Pollard plans to report Ken to Sir Julius only to discover that Sir Julius knows and approved the suggestion. Hilda is livid that Stan is too tired to work after riding the tandem. She decides to return it to Billy but changes her mind when she realises she'll be giving in to everyone's expectations. Ivy and the girls are shocked to see Ken drinking with Peggy. Hilda tells Stan that they're going to ride the tandem if it kills them and puts them both on a keep-fit campaign. Ray's comments lead Bet and Betty to speculate that Billy is with Deirdre. Billy asks Deirdre to come on a business trip to a car auction with him. She isn't sure.


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Edward Pollard (about Ken Barlow): “Not so much Please Sir, as Goodbye Mr Chips.”

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