Deirdre tells Billy that her mother isn't happy with the idea of the two of them going on holiday together, but tells him she's flattered by the request and to go on his own. Hilda makes Stan clean the tandem so that they look good in front of the neighbours. She's determined not to show them that they're backing down and overrules Stan's objections. Minnie tells the Hopkinses that Bob Foster's self-service shop in Bessie Street is closing. Granny sends Idris to verify the rumour, even though he's shattered after a night-shift at work. Ray constantly picks on Deirdre's work at the yard and they row in front of Alf when she tells him to shut up. Annie takes Betty to task when she teases Billy about his friendship with Deirdre. Granny contemplates whether to buy the shop now the competition has gone. Jerry tries to dissuade the Ogdens from riding the tandem but Hilda is adamant. Granny rings Gordon about buying the shop, trying to knock the price down from £3,500, but he tells her he's had other offers. She isn't sure he's telling the truth. The neighbours are amused as the Ogdens ride the tandem. Jerry follows them on his bike. Granny goes to the bank to see about cashing in her savings. Billy calls into the yard to see Deirdre. Ray objects, causing Deirdre to decide to accept the trip offer. Alf suggests to Ken that Albert take on the caretaker's job at the centre full-time. An exhausted Jerry returns after a fraught journey with the Ogdens. Deirdre accepts the trip offer, admitting she lied and Blanche knows nothing about the trip. Stan asks Billy to fix a buckled wheel on the tandem. Granny's unit trusts go down in value and she can't afford the shop. She's tearful that she can't get what she set her heart on.


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