Granny still plans to buy the shop and scrambles to arrange a loan before Gordon gets another buyer. Annie doesn't approve of Billy taking Deirdre on holiday. Billy notes that he didn't tell her to ask her permission but only so that she didn't hear it from someone else. Annie tells anyone who asks that Deirdre is going with him as a secretary. Billy promises Deirdre he won't hurt her. Hilda plans the holiday - cycling to the station and then train to Morecambe, pretending that they cycled all the way. Alf asks Ken to persuade Albert to take on all of the Community Centre until they find someone permanent. Deirdre brags to Tricia that she's going away with Billy. Albert doesn't want to take over the centre as it would mean giving up No.1 but refutes Alf's claim that he's not fit enough to do the job. Tricia lets Ray know about Deirdre and Billy's holiday plans. Granny is refused a loan from a friend and decides to try the bank again. Ray tells Deirdre they can't spare her at the Yard and threatens to sack her if she leaves. Billy is furious when Deirdre cancels on him and gives Ray the benefit of the doubt. The Ogdens leave the bike with railway porter Syd Greaves when he notices how worn out they are and offers to look after it. Billy tackles Ray about Deirdre in the Rovers. Jerry has to hold Billy back when Ray calls him granddad. When Ray continues to goad him, Billy chases him out of the pub and thumps him in the Street.


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