Stan and Hilda look for the tandem in the Street's back yards. Jerry starts to loosen up as he and Sheila talk over old times. Rita and Mavis see them together and Mavis starts to feel jealous. Ray makes a point of asking the Ogdens if he can borrow the tandem himself for exercise but they kid on that it has a broken chain and a puncture. Hilda grows suspicious that Ray has the bike. Ernie is annoyed when Sheila and Emily talk into the night, keeping him awake with their tittle-tattle. Stan finds the freshly painted tandem in the Builder's Yard but it's chained up. Hilda makes Stan get up at 5.00am to go round there and paint it black again and then they ask for it back in the Corner Shop in front of Idris and Granny. Ray says the bike there is white, not black, and it's his. They go to the Yard, bringing Idris along as a witness, and Ray is forced to give it back when he sees that it's black. Len mocks Jerry when he shows signs that he's falling for Sheila again. Rita tells Bet that she's no longer seeing Jimmy. A depressed Ray gets the mickey taken out of him for letting the Ogdens get one over him for once. Mavis grows upset about Sheila and Jerry when they go off together exploring all their old haunts.


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