Billy returns and stops by Deirdre's first. Ernie is angry that he and Emily have to clear up whilst Sheila sleeps. Rita encourages Mavis to forgive Jerry as his drink was spiked at the party. Mavis thinks the real him was talking and refuses to go out with him. Jerry doesn't remember what happened last night and everyone is too kind to tell him. He worries when Sheila tells him that she was flattered but wants to leave it as a nice memory. Annie is short with Billy when he finally shows his face at the Rovers. Sheila invites the Bishops over to Sheffield to return the favour. They both agree although Ernie doesn't mean it. Billy doesn't know why Blanche told Annie that a wedding is in the offing. He raises the subject with Deirdre and they realise that they both want to get married. Billy proposes to Deirdre and she accepts. Rita feels sorry for Jerry and gets Len to come clean about spiking his drink. Jerry finally hears what his behaviour at the party from Ken. Sheila makes Emily realise that she and Ernie are always falling out before she leaves for Sheffield. Emily calls Ernie a hypocrite for pretending to like Sheila. Jerry apologises to Mavis and tells her that his drinks were spiked. Mavis accuses him of living on memories of a woman he can't have and tells him to leave her alone. Annie fears something is going on between Billy and Deirdre and takes to her bed. Bet is told they've won the competition - a holiday for two in the Bahamas.


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