Annie is upset over the engagement and the difference in Billy and Deirdre's ages. She thinks Blanche has got her to snare him. Billy gets angry with her attitude and wishes she would give Deirdre a chance. Mavis can't face Jerry after her harsh words. The Gazette interviews Bet about winning the competition and photographs her sitting on the bar. She is determined to go to the Bahamas. All the women want to go on the holiday so Annie gathers the winners - herself, Bet, Rita, Mavis, Deirdre, Emily, Betty and Hilda - in the Rovers' living room to determine who gets the holiday. Billy gives out drinks on the house when he hears that Annie has been telling people about the engagement. At Emily's suggestion, the women opt for drawing lots but they decide against it when they realise they could end up going to the Bahamas with Hilda. Bet suggests that they pick a winner who can then choose who goes with them but the women prefer Hilda's idea of splitting the money eight ways. Jerry makes up with Mavis and thanks her for being a good enough friend to tell him some home truths. He admits that he's never seen much to look forward to in the future. The travel agent won't exchange the holiday for cash but offers all eight of them to a week in Majorca. Bet agrees.


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Annie Walker: “I know that these things count for nothing these days, but when I was young there were standards. And as they say in Clitheroe, 'see the mother today, see the daughter tomorrow'. They grow like their mothers Billy, and there's no one that Mrs Hunt reminds me of so much as Elsie Tanner.”

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