The girls are excited about their holiday in Majorca. Annie feels she can't go because there would be no one to run the pub but agrees to let Billy find a replacement. Ernie doesn't want Emily to go on the trip. Emily thinks he's against it because he'll have to fend for himself for a week. Len is adamant that Mavis has to stay behind if Rita goes. Blanche puts herself forward for relief Rovers manager. Stan thinks he should be the one going to Majorca as Hilda had her cruise earlier in the year. He changes his mind when Bet asks him which woman he wants to share a room with. Annie tells Blanche she can't employ her as the brewery insists on previous bar experience. When Blanche reveals that she's done lots of bar work, Annie realises she's backed herself into a corner and, painting on a smile, gives Blanche the job. Jerry offers to run the Kabin so that Mavis can go to Majorca. Len accepts, thinking he's mad. The women start to worry about they'll be sharing with. Annie decides to go in with Emily, while Rita and Mavis want to share. Bet chooses Deirdre as a roommate over Betty, who is landed with Hilda. Minnie offers to cook for Ernie while Emily is away. Ernie accepts as long as he returns the favour. Emily gets at him for not realising that Minnie offered because she's lonely rather than for his benefit. The women look forward to Majorca and sing Y Viva España.


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Annie Walker: “It's a very small, very select band who when faced with the choice between pleasure and responsibility choose responsibility. I suppose I should be honoured to be among them.”
Len Fairclough (to Jerry Booth about Mavis Riley): “Mate, that woman gets deeply upset if you look at 'er in an 'ard way.”

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