Fred Bolton tells Tony that the jackets are missing from the warehouse and he suspects Paul Meggitt. He warns Tony he'll have to report it in the morning. Blanche refuses to serve after hours but Billy sees to it. The women return from Majorca. Annie catches the men in the Rovers and blames Blanche. Billy tells her the truth and is annoyed that she's mistreated his future mother-in-law. Paul stops Fred from bringing in the police by telling him Tony is involved. Annie sends Betty to ask Blanche to come and see her. Deirdre thinks Annie should be the one doing the chasing. Emily tries to find out what happened to Bet from the travel agent. She's advised to ring the hotel. The residents chip in to call Spain. Fred tells Tony to get the stuff back tonight. Len is annoyed when Rita spends the morning in bed. He makes Mavis the manageress, demoting Rita. Billy tells Annie they're finished if she doesn't go apologise to Blanche.


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