Mavis doesn't like running The Kabin. Rita enjoys not having to make the important decisions. Paul considers cutting Fred in on the deal to get him to stay quiet. Tony tells him he won't go along with it. They decide to return the jackets. Blanche accepts Annie's apology. Jerry encourages Mavis to see her promotion as an opportunity to boost her confidence. Billy services Paul's van and finds the jackets in the back. Fred asks him to keep them until the boys can move it back, tonight. Mavis starts a new paperboy, Neil Forrest, when David Crabtree recommends him. Rita warns her Neil is known to be unreliable. Mavis is annoyed that she waited until she'd hired Neil before telling her. Rita says she has no loyalty to the firm. Paul phones the police and tells them Billy has stored stolen goods in his van. The police suggest the residents get in touch with Spanish police about Bet. David walks out on Mavis when she sacks Neil. The police call at the garage to look in the van.


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