Betty contacts the Spanish police for news of Bet. Billy is interviewed by the police. He denies all knowledge of the jackets and suggests they to the owner of the van. Det Con Phillips informs Ken about the missing jackets. Ken, Phillips and Fred Bolton check the storeroom. Deirdre tells Tony about the police investigation. Ken is shocked to learn that Billy is involved. Mavis tells Jerry she doesn't want the job at The Kabin anymore because of the way Rita is treating her and asks him to tell Len. The police interview Paul Meggitt. He says he wouldn't have left the van in the garage with stolen jackets inside. Det Sgt Taylor thinks Meggitt and Billy are working together. Ken tells Deirdre that Billy is with the police. Faced with taking the rap for the theft, Billy tells the police about Fred Bolton and how he found the jackets. He says he kept quiet as he didn't want to get involved. Jerry accuses Len of getting at Rita through Mavis. The police take in the Boltons but they stand by Paul. Billy is told he'll have to spend the night in the cells.


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