Betty and Deirdre grow anxious about Billy. The police refuse to believe Billy's innocence. They think he's the receiver, in it with Paul Meggitt. Mavis stays away from The Kabin thinking Rita will have to open it but she doesn't. Deirdre is permitted to visit Billy. She asks Ken to help him. The Spanish police can't find any trace of Bet. Fred Bolton hits Tony for getting involved with Paul. Len delivers the papers himself and gives David Crabtree his job back. The police charge Billy with receiving. Ken sacks Fred from the warehouse as it's his job to know when something is missing. He makes Fred see that Tony needs a shock to break from the hard mob; if Billy goes to jail he'll never get that shock. Fred agrees to tell the truth. Len realises he needs Rita and gives her her job back, with an extra £3 a week. Billy is released without an apology. The police advise him not to sue as he helped conceal a crime. The milkman tells the regulars that Bet has been back two days.


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