Alf and Len are the first evening customers in the Rovers, straight after a council meeting. Emily can't find Ernie. He is at the Marriage Guidance Council where he admits to Kim Dudley that his wife doesn't know he's there. Emily gets annoyed as Tricia and Gail waste her time in the shop when they ask for credit for some snaps. Ernie tells Kim about his rows with Emily over their drama activities. Idris calls into the Rovers for a spare box of crisps and stays for a drink, annoying Megan. Bet tells Billy that she'll pay him back the £70 at £5 per week. He wants more but accepts it's the best he'll get out of her. Ernie tells Kim about the problems that Sheila Crossley's visit caused and suddenly realises it's easier to talk to her than his own wife. Pollard tells Gail off for failing to pass a message on from his mother. Ken is pleased to receive a visit from Peggy Barton. He takes her for a drink. Kim suggests to Ernie that he brings Emily next time he calls. Ray and Deirdre start to get on better and he happily wonders if she and Billy are having problems. Ken offers to give Peggy a lift home and she agrees on the condition that he comes in for a drink. Returning home, Ernie tries to talk to Emily but she loses her temper with him. Ken meets Peggy's father George Barton and her brother Frank. George realises that Ken is part of the management that Peggy has been fighting against. Idris lends Tricia the money for the snaps. Billy tells Deirdre he had to lend her ring money to someone. She sulks but denies that she's interested in having a ring. Billy admits to Len that he lent the money to Bet. Ernie suggests to Emily that they have a trip away. She's suspicious and he tells her where he spent the afternoon, admitting that he's worried about their future.


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Ernest Bishop: “We were the perfect couple, a bit fuddy-duddy perhaps according to some people's likes, but happy, definitely happy.”

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