Emily and Ernest start communicating again, discussing the marriage counsellor's advice. Ken clashes with Ivy over the standard of packing at the warehouse. Ken arranges a lunch date with Peggy. Andy Simpson shows Ernie his portfolio and asks for work but Ernie isn't interested. Pollard tells Ken he saw him with Peggy and warns him that Sir Julius Berlin won't like him mixing with a unionist. Emily likes Andy's work and gets Ernie to reconsider taking him on. Ken considers his private and working lives separate affairs but George Barton makes him see he's being naive. Ivy worries when the firm announces the retirement of all women over sixty, as they've always let them stay till sixty-five. She gets Flo Broadbent and Ethel Fox to put their cases to Ken. Ken realises Pollard is planning to tell Marcus Berlin about Peggy.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ken finds that his private life is no secret any more.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,400,000 homes (12th place).
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