Ernie thinks Emily will like to give up working but she doesn't know what she wants. Ken and Edward Pollard tell Ivy the retirement issue is because of a cut-back in orders and the alternative is to sack people. She tells them she's calling in the union. Ernie offers Andy Simpson a part-time job. Andy asks for £15 a week as he earned that at his dad's stall at the market. Peggy Barton tells Ivy there's nothing she can do; the union have been asking for a lower retirement age for years. Ivy accuses her of sucking up to the bosses. Hilda goes to put bets on for herself and Stan but puts everything on her horse. Stan is livid when his horse comes in. Ernie finds out from Alf that Andy doesn't work at his dad's stall. Andy admits it was a bargaining tactic and they agree on £10 a week. Ivy accuses Peggy of siding with her boyfriend - Ken. Peggy worries that she'll lose her job if the union thinks her loyalties are divided. She tells Ken that the only relationship they can have is as good enemies.


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