The Hopkins consider exchanging Maggie's old furniture for Vera's mother's when Vera tells them she's paying £3 a week for storage. Granny gets Betty to put the question to Gordon. Marcus Berlin arrives at the warehouse to deal with the furore over the new retirement age. Pollard is annoyed when Marcus meets with Ken first. Emily decides that the Bishops should put themselves up to be foster parents. Ernie agrees to make enquiries. Len has a word with the chief social worker, Norah Houston, on their behalf. Gordon refuses to think about the furniture until after Christmas. Annie is delighted when Marcus patronises the Rovers for an executive lunch with Ken. Mavis is surprised when Jerry tells her that he was once a father. Ken suggests to Marcus that the company keep the women to be retired on call for emergencies. Marcus gives the idea his stamp of approval and Ken announces it to the staff, who celebrate their victory. Norah calls at No.3 with Len to interview the Bishops. They're taken aback by her personal questions about their desire for children of their own. Ken, Marcus and Pollard throw a retirement party for the workers. Pollard tries to poison Marcus against Ken by informing him that Ken is seeing Peggy Barton. Marcus promises to take the matter seriously. Granny hits back at the Cleggs by charging Maggie £4 a week storage. The social services have an emergency and ask the Bishops to take in two black children tomorrow.


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  • Jerry Booth states that his daughter was stillborn, which contracts earlier episodes which state that she lived for a few weeks.
  • TV Times synopsis: Emily and Ernest decide they'd like to hear the patter of tiny feet…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,543,000 homes (7th place).
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