Emily prepares No.3 for Vernon and Lucy Foyle. Ivy hears on the grapevine that Ken is planning a fashion parade for the new lines and suggests using the staff as models. Ken agrees. Marcus Berlin asks Ken if he gets on with Edward Pollard. Ken admits that they've had differences. Norah Houston tells Emily that the children's father Winston has a perforated ulcer and will be in hospital for a month. Marcus and Sir Julius are in agreement and ask Pollard for his resignation - they think more of Ken than him. Billy advises Betty to fight back at Granny and charge them backdated rent for using Maggie's furniture. She demands £3 a week - £72 in all. Granny threatens to throw the furniture onto the Street. Mavis makes Emily wonder if the Bishops are fostering to paper over the cracks in their marriage. Ernie tells her it doesn't matter if they are as they're still helping children. Ken is touched when the retiring women buy him some cufflinks. He is shocked to hear Pollard has effectively been sacked. Pollard tells him to keep his sympathy. Gordon tells Betty to sell the furniture. Bet agrees to have the settee and sideboard. Ken is uncomfortable with Pollard's sacking but doesn't cause a fuss when Marcus tells him that he could easily have been the one to go. The Foyle children arrive at No.3 to be fostered.


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