Carlos tells Mavis about the trick. She feels a fool and is angry. He asks her for a meal and she accepts. Granny assures Betty no one else will get to know her secret. Betty shares her worries with Bet. Rita probes Mavis for info about her night with "Pedro" but she just says it was nice. She's astonished when Carlos calls at The Kabin to check on Mavis. Betty tells Vera about Gordon's real father and that Gordon doesn't know about his parenthood. She's worried that Granny will tell him. Vera advises her to keep on her good side. Andy offers to give Deirdre photography lessons but she's not interested. Jerry tells Ray he saw Mavis meet Pedro. Rita and Mavis keep up the charade to fool Ray and Bet. Gordon annoys Granny by chasing up the stock money.


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  • Malcolm Hebden makes one of several pre-Norris Cole appearances as Carlos.
  • In an unusual move, a scene of the Hopkins family watching a Western on television features two short sequences from the film playing full-screen.
  • TV Times synopsis: Mavis hears about a hoax - and Betty tells an old secret.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,660,000 homes (6th place).
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