Andy Simpson tries to chat Deirdre up, telling her Billy is too old. Vera is forced to tell Idris about Betty and Gordon. Rita tells Carlos that Mavis will see him tonight but Mavis has plans to see Jerry. Betty is worried after learning that Granny has had an argument with Gordon. She phones Gordon to check on him but he doesn't want her involved with the shop. Mavis makes a date with Jerry but drops him when Rita tells her about Carlos. Jerry is upset. Andy asks Deirdre if he can photograph her. Emily can't cope with the children. She feels she's not up to it and is too old to look after them. Ernie tries to arrange a babysitter to give her a break but everyone is busy. Ray and Bet realise they've been had when Mavis walks into the Rovers with Carlos. When Jerry hears he's called Carlos, not Pedro, he thinks Mavis is seeing two other men, Rita spares his feelings by telling him that he's called Pedro Carlos. Mavis agrees to let Carlos cook her Christmas Dinner. Betty hears Gordon and Maggie are arriving for Christmas.


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