Blanche invites Billy for Christmas Dinner. Minnie prepares for a mystery visitor for Christmas. Deirdre tells Jerry about Carlos. Annie is upset about Billy's Christmas plans. He's annoyed that she's still against the Hunts. He points out that Joan never spends Christmas with her. Jerry rows with Ray and calls him a louse. Gordon arrives for Christmas. Rita advises Mavis not to tell Jerry about the mix up. She tells Jerry it's nothing to do with him. Deirdre suggests Billy invites Annie to Blanche's. Granny asks Gordon to come down on the price of the stock. He demands to do business with Vera as she's signing all the cheques. Granny gets annoyed and the Hopkins have to stop her from telling him about Betty. Billy tells Annie she's invited to spend Christmas with the Hunts but she refuses charity and says she'll eat alone.


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Granny Hopkins: "I still can't understand how Mavis managed to catch two Spaniards."
Deirdre Hunt: "Didn't you know? She puts garlic behind 'er ears."


Annie Walker: "You know my views perfectly well on the subject of your marriage, but they have no bearing whatsoever on what we're discussing now."
Billy Walker: "Oh yes, they have. Because if I was engaged to some bird from the Cheshire set and 'er mum had invited me out to Prestbury for dinner you'd be purring like a pussy cat. You still think I'm marrying beneath me, don't yer? And you can't forgive them two for it, and that's the truth."

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