Episode 1459
Episode 1459
Production code P694/459
ITV transmission date 13th January 1975 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Script editor Leslie Duxbury
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Unknown
Director Brian Mills
Producer Susi Hush
Previous episode 8th January 1975
Next episode 15th January 1975


Gordon doesn't know what to think; he's relieved Les Clegg isn't his father but doesn't like the idea of being Betty's bastard son. He decides to go out for a drink. Jerry makes a cote for Gilbert. Albert watches for him settling in to it in order to know that he'll fly back if released. Deirdre tries to give Jerry some confidence in himself, saying that what matters is the person that you are. Maggie breaks down as Gordon returns drunk to celebrate the fact that Les is not his father. He taunts Betty and Maggie. The next day, Gilbert flies back to No.1 when he's released from the Red Rec. Albert is delighted. Gordon is hungover. He asks Betty for details of his father. Betty doesn't name him but tells Gordon the circumstances of his birth and adoption. Maggie points out that Les never used the fact that Gordon wasn't his son against him. Lynn Johnson turns up at the yard with another bruise. Len is amazed that she won't leave her husband. She doesn't want a divorce. Stan and Jerry take Gilbert on a two-mile bus journey and release him. He flies off in the wrong direction. Maggie warns the Hopkins against saying anything about Betty and Gordon. Alf tells Len he's bumped into Janet Barlow at the Town Hall and she was asking after Ken.


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