Jerry makes it clear that he’s not pleased at the lack of support Len received from Rita. Len has spent the night at Alf’s house after he picked him at the police station. He is upset that Rita didn't visit him. Vera puts a ban on gossiping about Len in the Corner Shop. Mavis tells Emily that Rita has a guilty conscience about Len. He is welcomed back to the Rovers and thanks Bet for her support although he spurns the offer of a drink from Rita. Alf has to find a hostess to help him entertain a visiting Councillor from Yorkshire. Len suggests Annie. Idris pretends to have stomach ache to get out of eating Granny's fish. She thinks he has food poisoning from a Rovers' pie. Annie is in Derby and can’t help but Hilda offers her services to Alf. Mavis tells Jerry that Carlos only asked her to marry him for a resident’s permit. Alf lets Hilda down as diplomatically as possible, but fails as she is upset, and Betty refuses due to her hours in the Rovers. Granny rows with Betty about the pies and the accusation that the upkeep of the bar is slovenly. Jerry paints over “L. Clegg” on the shop sign. Rita apologises to Len. Alf agrees to having Mavis help but thinks she's too fanciful in her ideas. Betty demands a refund for an off-tin of mincemeat and calls Granny untrustworthy when she denies that they sold it. Granny determines to get her own back.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Alf needs a cook-hostess. Who will volunteer for the job?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,300,000 homes (4th place).

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Rita Littlewood: "Make a doormat of yourself and you get trodden on. That's what me mother used to say and she should know. She were trodden on often enough in her lifetime."


Hilda Ogden: "Oh, I admit I might have got carried away on the tide of public opinion, so to speak. It's what they call mob diphtheria."

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