Hilda, Minnie and Albert can’t understand why the Corner Shop is shut and worry that something has gone wrong inside. Deirdre is depressed that Billy hasn't sent her a Valentine. Ray fetches Stan and his ladders to look through the window. Tricia turns up and tells them the shop is empty. Rita tells Mavis the meal went well, especially her food. Stan is sent a Valentine, but not from Hilda. She thinks it’s from Clara Regan. Ray tells Bet he sent it for a laugh. Annie is glad the Hopkins have left as she feels they were too greedy. The Hopkins send Gordon back the shop keys with a letter through Gail. He wonders who can look after the shop. Hilda calls round on Clara but gets sent away with a flea in her ear. Stan feels ill and doesn't need Hilda rowing with him. Gordon tells Betty that the letter from Vera explains that she and Idris felt too ashamed to stay in the Street. Albert complains about the shop being shut. When Annie won't give Betty time off, Gordon realises he'll have to run the shop. Tricia is angry about Granny. She tells Gail that she plans to leave the Hopkins but won’t tell her why her family left the area. Tricia needs somewhere to live. Rita tells her the Corner Shop flat is free. Albert complains about the thick cuts of meat Gordon cuts for him and Annie tells him off for not using tongues on serving the teacakes, making him feel he can't cope. Bet gives the game away about Stan's Valentine. Stan is off his beer. A shattered Gordon refuses to serve in the shop again. Rita receives a see-through nightie delivered from Harrison's stores. She thinks Alf sent it.


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