Under doctor's orders, Stan has been told to rest. Lying on the sofa, he gets Hilda to run errands for him, including placing his bets. With little work coming in, Ray annoys Jerry with his lax attitude. They argue over the benefits of capitalism. Finding out that the girls are moving into the corner shop flat, Ray pushes Tricia to have a flat-warming party. She borrows a hammer from him to do some work in the flat. Gail moves her possessions in as Blanche starts running the Corner Shop. Hilda warns the girls to keep quiet now that they're her neighbours. Gail thinks a party is a good idea. Rita can't think who sent her the nightie. Remembering that it's a year since she and Len were engaged, she wonders if he was the giver but he persuades her otherwise. The girls draw up a guest list of invitees. They realise they'll have to invite Hilda to stop any complaints. Jerry thinks they should branch out into house insulation but Ray sneers at his ideas. Jerry gets Deirdre to organise a meeting to discuss the firm's state of affairs. Annie shows off to Blanche with some of her posh food orders. Rita asks Ken who he thinks sent the nightie. Stan continues to feel giddy, worrying Hilda. Minnie brings him a herbal tonic. Gail asks Annie to the party to keep on her good side while a bashful Tricia asks Ken. Mavis rushes round to Rita with a bracelet sent in the post which came with a signed note. She refuses to tell the interested women who the sender is but tells them they'd never guess in a million years.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Rita fails to find out who sent the black nightie…and then gets another anonymous gift.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,750,000 homes (7th place).
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