Stan goes into hospital for tests. Tricia wants to use her day off to decorate the flat. Gail would rather they get some lads in to do it for them and watch them at work. Len puts Deirdre on part-time hours at the Yard and offers her afternoons in The Kabin. Ray offers to decorate the flat for the girls. Len realises someone will have to go and he and Ray decide on Jerry as he was the last one in. Stan is entertained by fellow patient Ronnie Barnes and gets Hilda to include him in their conversations as he doesn't have any family. Jerry refuses to leave the business and reminds Len and Ray that partnerships are for bad times as well as good. He makes them feel ashamed for wanting to drop him and they change their minds. Mavis fears her job is at risk when Deirdre mentions Len's offer. Stan has an EEG and is put on a diet by the doctor. Minnie looks for a western for Albert to read and settles on Midnight Cowboy. Billy offers Gail and Tricia drinks once the flat is decorated. Jerry tries to show Len and Ray how much they take him for granted by making up a rota distributing the household chores evenly. Hilda fears that she might lose Stan.


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Jerry Booth (to Len Fairclough and Ray Langton): “It's not on! If we're gonna make economies 'ere we all make 'em! You must 'av been asleep when that solicitor was talkin', the pair 'o ye' must. Can you not remember one word of what 'e said? 'Ow partnerships weren't just for good times, they were for t'bad times an' all? It's not just a rotten tax fiddle, y'know. It's summat that's supposed to give you confidence in the future. Summat on paper that says you won't be by yourself when the going gets rough.”

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