Len goes for Ray and calls Jerry an old woman when they tell him they're disgusted with him. Now she's eighteen, Tricia gets Annie to serve her with a Bacardi. Stan returns home. He has Otitis media; his balance is disturbed and he's got anaemia and the district nurse is to call on him. Len tells Bet he just wants her as an occasional bit on the side. She tells him to get lost.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Stan gets home from hospital, and Len gets trouble from his partners.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,500,000 homes (9th place).
  • The Granada Plus repeat of this episode on 8th February 1997 was edited down for timing reasons, trimming 31" from the Corner Shop scene in Part One where Deirdre Hunt enters just as Blanche is closing up and informs her that they have nothing in for tea, and from Part Two, omitting a scene of 50" where the Bishops call at No.13 with custard for the supposedly sick Stan Ogden, who has just gone off to the Rovers, and trimming 50" from the following Rovers scene in which Bet Lynch and Betty Turpin argue about who should call time.
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