Eddie returns from serving his time, spinning a yarn that he’s just come out of the army. Len and Bet have spent the night together and Hilda sees them arriving back in Len’s van. With Minnie away visiting friends Eddie is homeless. Jerry tries to tidy up the yard, much to Len and Ray’s amusement. Bet refuses Eddie’s requests for digs. Bet tells Eddie that everyone knows he’s been in prison. Eddie challenges Len to a darts match for money which he loses. Eddie asks Len for a job at the yard but there isn’t enough work on for them. Tricia and Gail are locked out of the flat at night. Ray and Jerry find out about Len and Bet. The girls buy Eddie a drink and ask him to break in for them. A tired Hilda applies for her third job: washing up in the Warehouse canteen. Using the Ogdens' ladder, Eddie gets into the flat. Len and Bet flaunt their relationship in front of the regulars. The girls reluctantly let Eddie sleep on the kitchen floor.


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