Annie doesn't expect Bet to come into work. Billy thinks they shouldn't pussyfoot round her when she does come in and they and Betty agree to tell all the regulars simply that she's had a bereavement in the family. Annie takes it upon herself to arrange Billy and Deirdre's wedding photographs. Eddie calls round to see Bet while he's on his round. She can't face the outside world. He tries to force her to get ready to go to work but she claims she has no clean tights to wear. He tries to cheer her up with talk of hope for the future. While Bet takes a call for Carlos, Eddie pinches her dirty tights. Deirdre and Billy go to see the vicar to organise the wedding. Bet is touched when Eddie washes her tights in a launderette so that she can go to work. Alf takes Albert to task for missing ping-pong balls from the Community Centre. Albert demands help if Billy and Deirdre have their reception there. Bet walks into the Rovers with a smile on her face. Distracted, Annie says nothing to Ernie about the photographs. Bet and Annie talk about Martin's death in the back room. Bet is assured that few people know the details. Billy and Deirdre change the date forward by one week to 24th May as the church is booked for the date they wanted. Annie is annoyed that this gives her less time to prepare and tells Ernie that she has booked another photographer, Singletons, when he assumes he's got the job. Betty visits Bet and gives her her sympathies. She confesses to Bet that she lost her son as well but doesn't name him. Emily gives a sample of their photographs to Blanche but is told that she needs to speak to Annie. Ernie is hurt by Annie's attitude and Emily decides to confront Annie. Len gives Bet his sympathies. Annie and Billy row over the photographs when Billy insists that Ernie has the job. She tells him that she's had enough of his interference and is going away to Joan's and he can sort everything out.


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