Annie has gone to stay at Joan’s. Eddie helps Hilda to clean the Rovers so they can get on the window-cleaning round quicker. Betty tells Hilda that Stan is taking her for a mug. The packing department at the warehouse is put on a three day week. Tricia worries that she will lose her job in the cuts. Len and Ray think Jerry is becoming too homely and wifey. Stan tells Hilda the doctor has given him another sick note. Ivy asks Ken to find out about their job security. Betty wonders if Eddie is helping Stan in order to case houses to burgle. Jerry cooks a nice pie for Jerry and Ray. Ken finds out that Marcus Berlin is on his way up from London and wonders why. Stan tells Eddie the doctor says he can return to work. He doesn't tell Hilda though as he doesn’t think he’s fit enough yet. Marcus fobs Ken off about the redundancies.


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